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Released on April 24th 2015 was a second Gerhard Heinz album which is the soundtrack to the 1968 film Schamlos (DIG005). This includes previously unreleased versions of tracks by the artists Charles Ryders Corporation and The Sirs plus an extended 16 page booklet in German & English. A special edition of just 100 copies are on magenta (pink) vinyl.

Due out in late spring 2015 will be Schnitzelbeat Vol 2 covering the Beat, Garage and the early Psychedelic sounds of Austria.

Beginning of May 2014 DIG003 Gerhard Heinz - Geissel des Fleisches was released. 400 copies in black vinyl for general distribution. 100 copies in purple vinyl which were only available from Digatone direct or at the release parties in Vienna and Innsbruck. This release is now completely sold out.

DIG002 was released in September 2014 and is the first official re-release of the masterpiece of prog/jazz/blues rock by ISAIAH. One of the Holy Grails of Austrian music in the 1970's. This release features not only the original album but also a 2nd LP that has never previously been issued together with 2 CD's one which is enhanced with rare material.

Coming up from Digatone will be an LP from Tirolian band The Boys which when it was first released in 1964 was officially the first Beat album by an Austrian band. Also the three singles by The Slaves will get their first official reissue. A number of further projects are in the pipeline including another collaboration with Gerhard Heinz.

DIG001 Klockwerk Orange is now sold out.

Gerhard Heinz

Promotional screen printed poster for "Geissel des Fleisches"