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A non-profit co-operative (Verein) record label specialising in the release of rare Austrian popular music. All income is reinvested in further releases.

Digatone was formed in 2013 by Albi Dornauer and Justin Barwick who were then later joined by Robert Engelmann. The label is based in Innsbruck located in the vinyl specialist record store Downtown Sound, but works closely together with Al Bird Sputnik at Trash Rock Archives in Vienna.  

From the birth of popular music in the 1950's, through Beat in the 1960's and Progressive to Punk in the 1970's, Austria like many countries produced a lot of music. However, most of these releases were on a local basis and sold in very small quantities. The purpose of Digatone is to discover and reissue these 'lost' recordings.

Please check the Releases page for the label catalogue and the News page for information about pipeline recordings and events such as release parties and live shows.

All releases are on Vinyl and in limited quantities. Some releases are also available on CD. Distribution is via Trost in Vienna, Clear Spot International in The Netherlands and Forced Exposure in the USA.

Buying directly from DIGATONE
Please note that payment via the online shop is only with Paypal. Should you wish to pay via bank transfer, cash or make a wholesale inquiry please e-mail Digatone: digatone[at]gmail.com